**** Bibi's Indian Cookery Classes are proud winners of the 'Cambridge Sustainable Foods' BRONZE Business Standard Award****

(Notice - Please do not make enquiries via the phone number but use the online form or email - Thanks)

Authentic 1 to 1 Indian cookery lessons in the Cambs area . We will teach you how to cook delicious indian food completely from scratch using traditional methods, in your own home (location dependent, small additional fee might apply for longer travel distance).
There is also some availaibility for classes to take place in our Ely kitchen.

PERSONALISED & BESPOKE - To provide a more personal experience our lessons are private, so the only people present at your lesson will be you and any friends/family you are cooking with . We will also consult with you about the kinds of dishes you would like to learn and design the menu accordingly.

Vegan? Vegetarian? Gluten Free? we can accomodate all types of diet on all lessons.

Please note spice levels can also be tailored to your taste,- a korma doesn't have to be mild, and a dansak doesn't have to be hot! These are just restaurant guides for their customers, there is no 'set in stone' level of heat a dish must have!

All spices will be provided, You will only need to supply most of the main ingredients, but you will be left with a huge feast afterwards!

FLEXIBLE - We don't have set times and dates for lessons, because you will be the only course participants . We will do our best to arrange a suitable date and time for your class (Weekends and weekday evenings possible)

ONLINE - We also now run 1 to 1 Cooking Coaching via Zoom! These work in a similar way; we will arrange a suitable date/time for you, then discuss the dishes you'd like, then i will send you your ingredient list. On the day you will login via the zoom link sent to you and I will talk you through as you cook. . All in person lessons can be changed to online if you prefer.

Our lesson *gift vouchers make ideal gifts for birthdays or other occasions. The voucher receiver can then contact us to arrange a suitable date/ time for their lesson and discuss dishes.

Eco-friendly Business Pledge- - As holder of the Cambridge Sustainable Foods' BRONZE Business Standard Award ,as well as promoting sustainable food through our classes,

Please get in touch via the online form with your enquiry, and we will get back to you asap.
Terms and conditions.
Please note vouchers are to be used within 1 year , we may be able to extend your voucher if you get in touch, but unfortunately cannot offer refunds, however you are welcome to pass on the booking/ voucher to a friend or family member to take you place.

Cancellation policy- Please notice We require 1 weeks notice if you need to cancel your class. We may be able to reschedule , subject to diary availability.


Please note unfortunately we no longer offer a catering service.



Indian Cookery Experience (x 2 persons)

A bespoke 1 to 1 Authentic Indian Cookery class. Learn the secrets to cooking your favorite Indian dishes in this hands on class.
Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, , we can tailor your lesson accordingly.
Feel free to have 1 friend join you in your lesson for no extra charge !
(2nd friend = + £27)

All spices are provided free, you will only need to provide your main ingredients. Expect to cook up a feast to feed 4 to 6 people !

We are happy to discuss any specific requests you have for your lesson, but a sample menu for this lesson = A main curry type of your choice, + a dry veg dish (eg. Sag Aloo) OR lentil dahl , + a bread (Naan/ chappatties) , OR a whole spice pilau rice.

Our Gift Vouchers for these classes (*valid for 1 year) are a popular choice for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions. The voucher receiver can then contact us at their convenience to arrange a date and menu plan for their lesson.

We mainly travel to you so you can take the class in your own kitchen ,but classes can also run in our Ely kitchen. (Address location dependent)

~ (Please do NOT make enquiries via the phone number, but use the online form or email instead- This also enables us to keep written record of enquiry details. Thankyou.)



Authentic Indian Cookery Party

An informal hands on half day / Eve interactive cookery class with your friends in your own kitchen! *
You will cook lots of delicious food for you all to enjoy together afterwards !

Prepare to cook up a feast >>
Menu = Your choice of any type of curry (but not red meat, as per our Eco pledge), + Veg dish (eg. sag paneer, dahl, etc),+ Pakora bhjajis + dip, + Whole Spice Pilau Rice, + Tava Naan Bread + a fresh 'Cachumber' .

Once the dishes are all prepared you are left alone to enjoy your dinner party with your friends !

Price includes all required spices, groups of around 4 to 6 are recommended, dependent on your kitchen size.

*Please advise us of your location so we can check we can travel to your home

GIFT VOUCHERS available. Our vouchers are very popular as birthday and Xmas gifts. Please contact us to purchase.

Perfect idea for a hen party too !



VEGANIndian Cookery Experience (x 2 Persons)

-Vegan version of the Indian Cookery Experience (see this tab for details)
-Gluten Free class also available.
-If you have any other allergies or ingredients you wish to omit just let us know

-This class is for one or 2 persons, up to you! (Let us know if you'd like extra people)



Gift Vouchers available for all lessons, valid for 1 year.

The voucher receiver can contact us at their convenience to arrange a convenient date and suitable menu with us.

You will then be sent your ingredient list to bring with you to the class.

We will email over your class 'e-voucher' upon payment- Perfect for last minute gifts!

Please Message us via the online form or EMAIL to book or enquire.

See our social media for reviews from happy foodies!



Zoom Online Cookery Coaching (+ 2 friends)

2 hours

Learn to cook anywhere in the world with 1 to 1 personalised cookery coaching! Have up to 2 friends join you if you wish.
These lessons take place online via 'Zoom' (Or Facebook Messenger Video if preferred), and you are welcome to include a friend in your lesson with you at no extra charge. (*they must be in same kitchen/ roon cooking with you, not a different location) / screen)
Similarly to the face to face lessons we will discuss which dishes you'd like to learn, and then you will be sent a list of your ingredients. Then just log into Zoom via the link we send you and you will be coached through the cooking of your dishes

Lessons are approx 2 hours long. and are adequate time for learning to cook 1 curry of your choice + pilau rice + Naan bread.

Dates- get in touch with your availability and we will do our best to accomodate .

~ ~ Cookery Coach GIFT VOUCHERS make an excellent gift! Voucher will be emailed over to you on same or next working day ~~



Retreat Chef

We have many years experience catering for yoga / holistic retreats, some attended by international teachers and Indian Swamis.
If you's like Asia to come along and cook at your retreat please get in touch!